Monday, March 20, 2017

Week of March 13, 2017

Hey Yall!! This week things here in Williston were awesome! This was my companions last week on his mission so it was awesome we were able to end on a high note. It also turns out that it was my last week in Williston, transfer calls came this morning and I will be going to sunny side Rapid City! It will be a nice change its always sad to leave an area but its also good to have some change every now and then. 

This week we had an awesome experience with a less active member named Dan Prescott. We were going through our ward list this week trying to find some people that we didn't know or if we felt like we needed to go see someone. We came across Prescott's and we didn't know them and felt like we needed to go and visit them. So we went over to there house. Dan opened the door and was like why are you guys here? Like why did you decide to come here. My companion and I  kinda looked at each other and were like we just felt like we need too why is everything OK? And he said that he was going through a super hard time in life and the night before he was praying and asked God if he still loved him and to show him that he loved him.  It was awesome we were able to have a super good lesson with him and I was able to give him a blessing before we left. It is the most amazing thing when you are able to listen to the promptings of the spirit and act upon them. 

I hope all is good with yall love ya!!

Love Elder Brinkerhoff

 Also since i'm getting transferred here's my new address 643 Northern Lights Blvd #1203 Box Elder SD, 57719

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week of February 26, 2017

Hey Everyone so this week was an awesome week! So last week we dropped a lot of our investigators because they just weren't progressing and nothing was moving forward. So this week we put a lot of time into trying to find some  new investigators to teach and we had so much success we were able to find 3 new people to teach. It was super awesome my companion and I had been praying all week that we would be able to find some new people who would be ready to hear the message of the Restored Gospel and sure enough our prayers were answered. We started teaching this guy named Muckal or something like that haha he is from Brazil he moved here a few years ago. He is super awesome it was kinda funny when we were talking to him he was like are you single me and my comp were both like yeah... he was like you need to come to Brazil the women are all hot no ugly girls allowed in Brazil he says. It was pretty funny but we had a pretty good lesson about the Book of Mormon and he was very accepting we are hoping that lessons will continue to be good with him.

This week I have been thinking lots about how the Book of Mormon can change lives there is a guy in our ward who was a super bad drug addict,  he was raised a member of the church and new the gospel was true but he decide not to live by it and his live went down hill from there. One of the times he was in jail his wife decided to send the missionaries over and to give him a Book of Mormon. He sat down in his cell and read it from cover to cover for the first time in his life. He said that was the moment when his life started to change. He got out of Jail and went to rehab for 3 months. He came home and got his family active in the church again. He is one of the most awesome dudes I have ever met.  I know that the Book of Mormon if read with a sincere heart with real intent can and will change your life if you let it. If you havent read it or havent read it in a while I challange you to pick it up and read it. I promise that your life will start to change if you put in the effort to read the Book of Mormon daily. 

Sorry I forgot my camera ill have pics for ya next week!

Love you all!

Love Elder Brinkerhoff