Monday, May 29, 2017

Week of May 29, 2017

Hey so we don't have too much time to email so I just want to share a quick little experience that me and my comp  had this week so we have been teaching this Less Active named Staci. This week we sent her a text to see if we could come by and have a lesson. She said yes so later that night we went over there and had a really good lesson we showed the Mormon Message "Where Love, Justice, and Mercy Meet" its one of my favorite ones. Anyways after the video she was telling us that earlier that day she had been having a really rough time and so she was praying on what she needed to do and was told that she needed to come back to church. She said not a minute later we sent her the text about asking if we could come over. She told us that she would be at church this Sunday so that was pretty awesome. Its really cool how the Lord can work through you if you will let him. Getting out of the way and letting him do his work can be the hard part.

 I hope everyone has a great week this week love you all!!  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week of April 23, 2017

Hey everyone sorry I haven't wrote a letter for the last few weeks! I hope that everything is going good with all of you! Things out here in Rapid Valley are going great! Today we got transfer calls I will be staying here in the Rapid Valley area my companion Elder Pease is getting transferred and they are taking the sisters out of our ward, which I think is a good thing ha gives us more room to work and doubles the size of the area we cover so that should be good. This week we had a lot of fun doing some exchanges. I was with Elder Whitaker and we met up with some of the other Elders and went out to Texas Roadhouse so that was fun ha funny story we actually took a  mini fridge in our apartment to the Pawn Shop so that we would have some money to go out Elder Swensen also sold his camera ha so it was a goodnight. 

On Saturday we had an awesome day we had 2 girls that we have been teaching get baptized it was so awesome we have been teaching them since i first got here. They were a less active family that we have helped to reactivate it was amazing because we were able to have there Dad be the one to baptize them. It is an awesome experience to be on a mission and to help people come closer to Christ.  We have also been teaching this guy Calvin Cox he is 90 and he is like one of the funniest guys in the world ha I love teaching him Im hoping that we will be able to get him dunked here in the next month or so!! Things area going so good out here and I love being on a mission!! 

Love you all!!


Elder Brinkerhoff