Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week of January 31, 2016

Hey ya'll I hope everyone had a great week!!  We had an awesome week out here in Stanley.  This week we had some nice weather and we did a lot of things outside. We also went on exchanges. I went to Newtown it was super awesome. It is one of the Indian Reservations so there was a lot of native people. We also went out to the sweat lodges and looked inside of those they were pretty cool.

We have been working with a less active guy who is 19 he has been inactive since he was about 10. He approached us a couple of months ago and told us that he would really like to go on a mission, so we started working with him so that he would be able to serve. He has been coming to church on a regular basis now and has overcome smoking cigarettes and many drugs and drinking coffee over the last couple of months.  On Sunday he received the Priesthood and Elder Maxfield and I were able to be part of the ordination. It was super awesome he is super excited to have the priesthood and to be able to start his way towards a mission.

Other Exciting news is that I got pulled over for the first time ever this week!!! So I was on the highway driving back from exchanges in Newtown and the speed limit is 75 then when we get close to Stanley it goes to 45 and I got pulled over doing 65 in the 45 when I was slowing down it was right after the speed limit sign changed to 45 it was super dumb... Luckily tickets here in ND are super cheap. Its on $25 for going 20 over so its not too bad.

We also drove up to the Canadian boarder. It was pretty cool. There was lots of boarder patrol cars up there.

I hope you all had a great week!! Love you all!!


Elder Brinkerhoff

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