Monday, November 7, 2016

Week of October 31, 2016

This was a week that makes you love being a missionary! So this week was just amazing. On 
Monday we had a sweet day ballin up and havin a nerf war at the church it was awesome!!
Tuesday, We went out and did some tracting not a whole lot of success but tracting is fun none the less ha when I first came out I hated tracting now I think its so funny when people yell at us and cuss us out haha. When we were tracting this little dog started following us everywhere so and it was running through cars and stuff so we grabbed it and took it to the shelter ha it was straight up the cutest little dog. Thursday, One of the AP's came and joined us for a few days, our mission is so big that we have traveling AP's and regular AP's so one of the travelers came and joined us it was awesome we had a way good time!   We were doing some more tracting and we tracted into this guy Dan. When we knocked on his door he was speechless after a few seconds of awkward silence he told us that about 15 minutes ago he had been praying to know what to do with his life, he was told by the spirit that 2 witnesses were going to come to him and sure enough about 15 minutes we arrived at his door. He was an awesome guy and we are excited to go back and see him. We put him on date to be baptized on December 2nd! He is so excited to be baptized he still has a lot to learn but I think things are going to turn out great! It is so amazing being on a mission and being able to help people come unto Christ! There is no better feeling than helping people come unto the restored Gospel! 

I hope yall have a great week this week! Love you all!


Elder Brinkerhoff

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