Monday, April 10, 2017

Week of April 3, 2017

Hey Everyone! This week out here in Box Elder has been a good one!! Elder Pease and I have been getting at it trying to get some stuff in this area rollin it has been pretty slow but we are going to turn it into the promise land! This week was pretty exciting the weather here has been so nice we have been out riding bikes ha this is like the first time on my whole mission where we have rode bikes so that's pretty fun! Also we went on exchanges this week I went to Hot Springs it was super awesome! While on our exchange

we went to a lake to do some comp study so it was pretty cool! Ill send some pics!  We have been teaching a returning member family but they have two unbaptized children so we have been teaching the kids and we have there baptism coming up this weekend so that should be pretty exciting! 

This week our main focus has been to show the new Easter video that the church put out. It is called the prince of peace it is an awesome video! If you haven't seen it yet go to and watch it! As we have been going around tracting to show this video ha we had 2 funny things happen the first was there was this old Catholic lady who was like "oh im not interested im catholic but ill watch your video" she then talked our ears off for about an hour so ha so much for not being interested sadly she dosn't wasn't us to come back haha. Second there was another super old guy who was like "You out here sellin religion? DISGUSTING!!" then he slammed the door me and my comp looked at each other and just started dying  ha it was kinda funny its interesting how at the beginning  of your mission rejection is hard to deal with sometimes and now its just super funny! Anyways I invite all of you to watch the video it is super awesome!! Have a great week!

Elder Brinkerhoff​​​​​​

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