Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week of January 29, 2017

Hey, Everyone!!

This week we were able to have a super awesome week!! I went on exchanges twice this week so it was kinda different not being in my area for a few days but change is always good too.  Last week for P-Day we had a big snow ball fight so that was fun!! 

We had some fun out on a farm this week helping a guy with some pigs so that was a pretty good time. I love doing service and getting out of a shirt and tie for a couple of hours is pretty nice too. 

Sunday was an awesome day. Back in my first area (Stanley)  my companion and I were working with a less active named Hunter. Well a couple of weeks ago he moved here to Williston and he came to church and I saw him and went over and talked to him, he has been very active in the church and is planning on going on a mission in about a month. It was awesome to see him ha when I was in Stanley he didn't have any ties so I gave him a tie and when I saw him and walked up to him he was like hey man hows it going and showed me that he was still wearing the tie that I gave him and thanked me for what we had done and what we had taught him. He also got up in church and bore his testimony for the first time. The spirit was so strong it was such and awesome meeting. It is awesome when you see the fruits of your labors and know that you are doing some good.   

I hope that you all have a great day love you all!!

Elder Brinkerhoff

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